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Fine quality oriental rugs can be the purchase of a lifetime, with proper care the rugs last longer, look brighter and always appear newer. We have put some guidelines on how to properly take care of your oriental rugs, However Mike is always a phone call away if you have any specific questions. The following is recommended for all rugs.


Vacuum your rugs regularly, without the beater bar. Clean all spills immediately. Rotate your rugs periodically. Use a rug pad to protect your floor and your rug.


Avoid using vacuums with beater-brushes. Do not use heavy suction vacuum cleaner on the oriental rugs. Depending upon usage (pets, kids, traffic, etc.), vacuuming your rug regularly will remove harmful grit, foreign materials and loose soil. Do not run Vacuum on Fringes. For antiques or delicate or loosely woven rugs and flat-weaves,. Instead, it is preferable to use a carpet sweeper.


Use a Rug Pad to avoid slipping or bunching and to provide support . It also acts as a barrier to moisture from the floor to the rug and discourages insect attacks. Avoid using too cushiony pads but it should have enough cushion & thickness. At Rug Gallery of Newburgh we sell quality Rug Pads.


Professional cleaning is recommended every few years. Despite regular vacuuming, dirt and other particulates keep accumulating deep in the pile at the base of the rug and it gradually gets somewhat compacted, especially in densely knotted rugs. This gradually weakens the foundation and shortens the rug life. It also acts as an invitation to insects/moth etc. Depending upon the traffic, kids, pets, etc., get your rug washed and cleaned by a professional Oriental rug cleaner once a year to once in 4 years.

Remember you can’t have your rugs cleaned by Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaners; those cleaning techniques are not suitable for area rugs. Avoid cleaning rugs at home (especially hand knotted rugs) unless you are thoroughly familiar with the process - you may permanently damage your rug. Even dry-cleaning is not suitable for most area rugs. Call Mike Kishline and we can suggest what’s the best for your rug.


Repairs if done in time will make your rug last longer, If you see loose threads – you can cut them out, Sprouting is characteristics of the wool – it can be cut out by using a pair of scissors. If you see unraveling of fringes or such, take it to professional repairer, Delayed repair always cost more – so it is better to act in time. nfortunately, repair costs increase exponentially with time because all repairs are highly skilled jobs done entirely by hand.


Every 6-months or a year, rotate your rug 180 degrees or, if possible, re-arrange furniture to even out the wear & tear due to traffic patterns of your home. This will also help avoid discoloration due to sun light falling on the same portion of the rug day-in & day-out. Or, pull the shades down when you go out for long periods or on vacation, etc.


For handmade rugs, examine both front and back of rugs every few years, If you see anything suspicious especially damage by moths, which eats the wool at the base of knots, leaving cotton warp intact & visible. Unfortunately, moth damage occurs mostly at the back or base of the rug and remains undetected for a long time because it is usually not visible on the face. This kind of damage, if not detected early, can render a fine rug virtually worthless or very expensive to repair.


If a spill or pet accident occurs, try to take care of it immediately. Carefully blot spills using clean white tissues, napkins or towels. Be sure to blot only - do not rub. Rubbing can cause permanent damage to the rug fibers. Work from outer edge of the spill to the center. Similarly, with other pet accidents, clean up the mess as best as you can with water mixed with a little mild neutral soap. After this first-aid treatment, take the rug to a professional rug cleaner as soon as you can because delays may worsen the situation. Avoid handling serious situations yourself because unless you know what you are doing, you may aggravate the problem or even do permanent discolor or damage.

Services Offered


At Rug Gallery of Newburgh – we provide Rug Cleaning Services for a charge, The Rug Cleaning is done using age old techniques of handwashing the rugs, When you bring your soiled rug – the rug is vacuumed using a heavy vacuum cleaner Front and Back to get the dirt out, Then the rug is submerged in water for hours, After that we use soap and water to clean the rug washing it with wood planks to get the dirt out. Once the rug is thoroughly washed – it is dried in sun for couple days and then vacuumed, Once it is cleaned we can bring it and install back to your home.

We use out of City Cleaners for this service, so it is little longer, but the excellent results are worth the wait. We examine the rug before we take the job and let you know – if it can be cleaned or not, some stains can never come off. We insure the rug to its sale price while shipping it – so that it is not lost during transit and is covered. We can also recycle your rugs – if you decide it’s not worth cleaning, We can provide you a discount if you have bought the rugs from us.


At Rug Gallery of Newburgh – we can get your rugs repaired, While Mike is still working on his skills, he got connections at all level of repairs – we can give you instant quote looking at the damage and explain you the process – We use out of state repair guy – but we have access to best repair persons – highly skilled in restoring new and antique rugs.


At Rug Gallery of Newburgh – we have teamed up with Local Designers – If you are in need of decorating or redecorating, feel free to let us know and we will match you up with a highly skilled local designers.


When you buy a rug – you can buy a Third Party warranty through us. We are not related to them – we can introduce you and they work directly with you.