the rug gallery of NewBurgh

Mike Kishline is now celebrating his 10th year in rug business, what started as a hobby and passion to understand the beauty of oriental rugs turned out to be a regular business for him.
It all started with a few rugs he bought on his first trip to India with a friend to experiment that if he can sell them to his friends and family was so well received that he decided to run this as his full time gig. Mike then started learning about different kind of rugs, yarns, fibers – he still takes a daily dose browsing internet and learning something new.

Working closely with the interior design community in greater Evansville area, mike developed a keen vision for recognizing colors and trends combined with unusual designs in fine rugs and in natural progression he kept on adding beautiful pieces to his inventory. At the Rug Gallery of Newburgh – the rugs have been showcased to provide the clients an easy shopping experience – whether its going through stacks or browsing the racks, the expansive range of designs, textures and collections is a treat to the eye and combine this with the friendly service – you are guaranteed a great and memorable visit whether you are buying the same day or just starting out.

It has been an exciting journey for Mike over the last few years from its original location on Sharon Road to his current location at 7995 Bell Oaks Drive in Newburgh Indiana and it wouldn’t not have been possible without the support of his many friends, family and cherished customers.
It was not an easy road for Mike – all these years - after losing the store and stocks to fire on Sharon Road and building another store from scratch – what helped him was passion for oriental rugs and true support and kindness of his customers.

Mike volunteers to local cause, lends helping hand to community whenever needed and is honest in all aspects of life.

Here are few of our projects – which we were allowed to share from our customers.